[rsbac] jail

Jens Kasten jens at kasten-edv.de
Sat Oct 8 15:12:16 CEST 2011

Hi list,

i have a problem with the jail.
Maybe its a bug iam not sure.

For example:
Sat Oct  8 14:56:38 2011 :<6>0000001846|rsbac_adf_request(): request
WRITE_OPEN, pid 32427, ppid 1, prog_name licq, prog_file /usr/bin/licq,
uid 1000, targe
t_type DEV, tid char 01:03, attr open_flag, value 32770, result

Now i add this jail flag and start the licq again.
Then the system free.
Similar behavior i got on openoffice.

Iam not sure, maybe it could also been a pax issue.


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