[rsbac] Question about rsbac latest kernel support

Kristian Kirilov d3v1ous at d3v1ous.info
Tue Sep 1 15:31:00 CEST 2009

Hello, im new in rsbac and i cant run it.

First where i can find quick howto who will show to me step by step 
rsbac downloading new kernel, patching the source and compiling in deb 

I want to make myself customized kernel with rsbac support all compiled 
to deb package (this is just preferred method to install my kernels)

I reading in official rsbac website cuz rsbac support only recent 
kernels but when i try to patch with rsbac my patch failed, 
same as 2.6.30.. maybe i missed something don't know.

I just downloading fresh kernel from kernel.org then downloading rsbac 
common and rsbac kernel patch. I unpacking the kernel and rsbac common 
in same directory then i apply the patch with patch -p1 patch... so i 
cant see reject files or something wrong.

When i try to compile i receive this error:

| CC rsbac/data_structures/aci_data_structures.o
In file included from rsbac/data_structures/aci_data_structures.c:47:
include/rsbac/aci_data_structures.h: In function ‘rsbac_write_lock_irq’:
include/rsbac/aci_data_structures.h:1795: warning: 
‘raw_local_irq_disable’ is static but used in inline function 
‘rsbac_write_lock_irq’ which is not static
include/rsbac/aci_data_structures.h: In function ‘rsbac_write_unlock_irq’:
include/rsbac/aci_data_structures.h:1801: warning: 
‘raw_local_irq_enable’ is static but used in inline function 
‘rsbac_write_unlock_irq’ which is not static
rsbac/data_structures/aci_data_structures.c: In function 
rsbac/data_structures/aci_data_structures.c:487: error: implicit 
declaration of function ‘DQUOT_INIT’
rsbac/data_structures/aci_data_structures.c: In function ‘rsbac_do_init’:
rsbac/data_structures/aci_data_structures.c:6621: error: dereferencing 
pointer to incomplete type
make[3]: *** [rsbac/data_structures/aci_data_structures.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** [rsbac/data_structures] Error 2
make[1]: *** [rsbac] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/kernel/linux-2.6.30'

Can somebody help to me? Thanks

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