[rsbac] forum

Jens Kasten igraltist at rsbac.org
Sun May 31 22:28:25 CEST 2009

Hi list,

now the forum is established but the captcha not work. it should fix
Than what i see that a registered user need a moderator to access his
post. This point i think should change that the registered user can for
example, on configuration tips or introduction publish his writing free
When the moderator get an email about new post, then he can read the
message and only if its garbage he must clean it.
For example an moderator is 10h not on his email and an user write an
comment to an other article and must wait 10h then than communication
flow is break.
Even in the german 'bundestagpetitionsforum' can a registered user write
his comment and i see some time, like content remove because §3 ...
So they read it later and user has freedom to write his articles.


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