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Paul D. Robertson probertson at fluiditgroup.com
Thu May 21 15:35:22 CEST 2009

Jens Kasten wrote:
> Hi,
> the forum is up but have some problems.

Yes, I sent Amon a note asking for access to the log files so that I can
figure out why only the first letter is showing.  I assume he's been
busy with the release, so I haven't bothered him.

> First is the user registration with captcha does not work.
> Then i use the audofile to list the captcha. This work.
> So the first part have to fix for user friendly, because this captcha
> are not english is more american-english pronucication.
> Iam not a native english speaker and maybe some others too.
> So the captcha has to be a clearly spoken english and nothing else.

I' not sure recording the captcha is going to make much difference, as
everyone has their own pronounciation differences.

> The second what maybe have to structure more userfriedly is, that a
> registered user not able to publish a new topic in this categories.
> RSBAC Forum > General Category > Configurations/Tips 

I was waiting to get registration working before posting to the list or
finishing the permissions, as Amon hasn't given me feedback on the
boards yet.

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