[rsbac] Looking for package maintainers

kang kang at rsbac.org
Mon Jan 19 17:22:49 CET 2009

Hi dear RSBAC users,

The RSBAC project is currently looking for people willing to actively
maintain RSBAC packages in various  Linux distributions.
The best case, is if you are already a developer for a distribution of

This would help greatly in RSBAC presence in the Linux world and RSBAC

We already provide our own debian packaging for the RSBAC tools, which
can be used as a base, or improved with patches.

We can also provide similar "base" packages for any distribution, but we
need people to coordinate updates and maintain them (answer bug reports
on the distro side, etc).

The kernel packages can however be more or less complex depending on the
distribution and security updates are very frequent.

On the "plus" side, you will get to work out things with us, gain a lot
more knowledge about the inner workings of RSBAC and of course, should
any technical trouble arise, have "us" core developers as direct assistance.

Thanks, please let your friends know :)


ps: any distribution is good, but as they are the main ones we are
looking for: Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora:p

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