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Wed Dec 16 03:01:58 CET 2009

I really had not enabled UM, when I retried to compile the kernel with UM enabled, it works! thank Amon Ott very much. have a nice day, the best of everything to everyone here.


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发件人: Amon Ott 
发送时间: 2009-12-15  16:03:29 
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主题: Re: [rsbac] [help] 
On Tuesday 15 December 2009 wrote 薛海伟:
> compile enviroment:
> compile OS : ubuntu 2.6.31-14
> SRC : patch-linux- (add "#include <rsbac/aci.h
> >" in the file  security/smack/smackfs.c or can not compile correctly)
Thanks, added that include in svn revision 814.
It may be that we have never tried Smack after adding that rsbac_mount 
call... :)
> After compile I startup the rsbac system in rsbac_softmode, the problem is
> that whenever i used cmd "rsbac_usershow -a" or "rsbac_groupadd -O" I will
> get a "RSBAC_EINVALIDREQUEST" error. my Administration tools' version :
> Tools 1.4.0; Tools-String 1.4.0
I guess you have not enabled UM in RSBAC kernel config.
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