[rsbac] Forum

Jens Kasten igraltist at rsbac.org
Tue Apr 14 17:20:27 CEST 2009

Hi list,

i would suggest to give a forum a try.
If someone like to spend in his sparetime to help to manage the forum,
it would a good startpoint.
Also if a forum would be stabliesed then we would need suggestions for
the categories.
For example:

  software dependcies,
  tools for create policies,

like this.
My oppinion is, that a forum has create flexibility for searching then
an maillinglist. If the forum grows with knowledge then it would be good
place to keep the users experience readable through the most common used
software, the internetbrowser, avaible to the public.
Maybe i never had really learnt how to search through all archived
mails. But maybe iam not allone with this limitations. :)
So please think about it, and help to bring the knowledge from the dark
celler to the public surface.

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