[rsbac] Roadmap of the RSBAC

Gergely Loónyai alephlg at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 09:51:25 CET 2008


Thanks. I care to take back to Mandriva this kernel. It was the reason of replace that:

- no longer maintained.
- Used only by Mandriva.
- No documentation

Mandriva decide to switch to AppArmor instead :
- Used by Ubuntu + Suse/Novell
- maintained even if out of kernel tree, and so I guess will be
declare as obsolete in the future.
- a little more documentation.

I love this security solution and i would like if include the RSBAC on Mandriva again. 


From: Amon Ott <ao at rsbac.org>
>On Saturday 18 October 2008 13:14, Gergely Loónyai wrote:
>> Sorry this question but i must clean viewing the futures of this
>> project. What is your plan for future? I not find roadmap on
>> website, and i view slow up this project. I hat build upon to rsbac
>> in the long run?
>RSBAC is still under active development, but we have all been very 
>busy for a while. I can assure you that it will be there for a long 
>time to go, because we use it as key component in our company 
>products, too. And yes, it is still fun, so I at least would continue 
>anyway. :)
>The roadmap / todo will be updated soon. You can expect the new 1.4 
>release for 2.6.27 within the next weeks, unless we find more 
>significant bugs. Support for 2.4 kernels has been split out to get 
>cleaner code, but is still maintained and available through svn.
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