[rsbac] oops

Jens Kasten igraltist at rsbac.org
Sat Oct 25 07:38:05 CEST 2008


after does an upgrade to kernel 
i have this, first all works fine but then again
Sat Oct 25 07:26:02 2008 :<4>0005340967|do_umount() [sys_umount()]:
umount failed -> calling rsbac_mount for Device 254:16
this is the kernel from 1.4.0-rc2 

when i do this 
 fuser /mnt/
i get this in the log
Sat Oct 25 07:26:18 2008 :<7>0005340968|rsbac_get_parent(): oops -
d_parent == dentry_p!
i set the kern_warning to kern_debug, but the oops is not really
disapers, so something not work on lvm and nfs 
the system is on an encrypted harddrive with lvm 

viele grüsse

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