[rsbac] Please upload RSBAC suits

Gergely Lónyai aleph at mandriva.org
Fri Nov 21 14:10:11 CET 2008


I modify same specs to RSBAC support:
 - kernel-rsbac:
  - originally Mandriva's manbo kernel 
    - except aufs and unionfs patch (minor incompatibility)
    - except AppArmor and Tomoyo Linux
  + extend RSBAC-1.4.0-rc3
 - rsbac-admin
  - originaly rsbac-admin-1.2.8-1mdv2007.0
 - apache-mpm-rsbac
  - originally apache-mpm-prefork (and apache.spec)
  + extend: http://svn.rsbac.org/?do=view&project=rsbac-apache&path=%2Fmod_rsbac%2Fapache%2Brsbac%2Fhttpd-2.2.9-rsbac.patch
..and create one rpm:
 - apache-mod_rsbac
   - add RSBAC jail and RC function for httpd
   - required apache-mpm-rsbac

Please upload this packages to cooker/contrib repo.
Link: ftp://www.mandrivalinux.hu/Mandriva/unofficial/rsbac/SRPMS/

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