[rsbac] Package update problem

Gergely Loónyai alephlg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 09:40:16 CET 2008


This way is too slow. I'm is 1 TB personal data and ~ 4 billon file. This backup is not end on 3 hour. 
Where is not include this very easy backup on emerge python script (or rpm code)?

ebuild package install
if [ -e /proc/rsbac-info/active ] ; then
	for I in $(equery f ${P}) ; do
		"get_rsbac_settings" from ${ROOT}/${I}
		"set_rsbac_setting" on ${D}/${I} || echo "RSBAC_WARNING: not set ${I} !!!"
ebuild qmerge

...and the rsbac's flags is inheritable


From: kang <kang at insecure.ws>
>On Monday 03 November 2008 10:06:50 Gergely Loónyai wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If i updating a packages then the files losing your RSBAC's settings
>> (example: auth_may_setuid). How to avoid this problema? I sick from
>> re-setting. I fint this problem on Gentoo (emerge) and i remember some
>> problem on Mandriva (urmpi/RPM).
>> Aleph
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>Either store the settings in some tool or script of your own, either run a 
>backup after you're done setting up and re-apply it.
>there's a pre-installed script called backup_all which backups all attributes 
>for you.
># backup_all > rsbac-backup
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