[rsbac] Can't compile rsbad-admin tools...

outp0st outp0st at op.pl
Wed Jul 30 09:40:35 CEST 2008


I'm trying to set rsbac server based on gentoo hardened rsbac-sources 
(linux-2.6.23-rsbac-r1).  The problem is when trying to compile 
rsbad-admin, I always end up with the same error.
I tried acdifferent rsbac-source(linux-2.6.21-rsbac-r1) as well as 
compile other versions of rsbac-admin (emerging from portage or manually 
from source) - always with the same result.

 >>> Emerging (1 of 1) sys-apps/rsbac-admin-1.3.7 to /
* rsbac-admin-1.3.7.tar.bz2 RMD160 SHA1 SHA256 size ;-) 
[ ok ]
* checking ebuild checksums ;-) 
[ ok ]
* checking auxfile checksums ;-) 
[ ok ]
* checking miscfile checksums ;-) 
[ ok ]
* checking rsbac-admin-1.3.7.tar.bz2 ;-) 
[ ok ]
 >>> Unpacking source...
 >>> Unpacking rsbac-admin-1.3.7.tar.bz2 to 
 >>> Source unpacked.
 >>> Compiling source in 
/tmp/portage/sys-apps/rsbac-admin-1.3.7/work/rsbac-admin-1.3.7 ...

Building RSBAC Libraries...
 CC            helpers/acl_getname.c
 CC            helpers/cap_getname.c
 CC            helpers/getname.c
 CC            helpers/helpers.c
 CC            helpers/jail_getname.c
 CC            helpers/net_getname.c
 CC            helpers/net_helpers.c
 CC            helpers/pax_getname.c
 CC            helpers/pm_getname.c
 CC            helpers/rc_getname.c
 CC            helpers/res_getname.c
 CC            helpers/syscall_wrapper.c
 LD            librsbac.la

Building RSBAC NSS...

Building RSBAC PAM...
 CC            interface.c
 LIB           pam_rsbac.c
 LIB           pam_rsbac.c
 LIB           pam_rsbac_oldpw.c
 LD            libnss_rsbac.la
 LIB           pam_rsbac_oldpw.c
 PO            po/de.po
 PO            po/fr.po
 PO            po/de.po
 PO            po/fr.po
 >>> Source compiled.
 >>> Test phase [not enabled]: sys-apps/rsbac-admin-1.3.7

 >>> Install rsbac-admin-1.3.7 into 
/tmp/portage/sys-apps/rsbac-admin-1.3.7/image/ category sys-apps

Installing RSBAC headers...
 INTO          /tmp/portage/sys-apps/rsbac-admin-1.3.7/image/ (/usr)
 INSTALL       rsbac/aci_data_structures.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/acl_getname.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/acl_types.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/auth_data_structures.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/cap_getname.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/debug.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/error.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/fs.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/gen_lists.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/getname.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/helpers.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/jail_getname.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/net_getname.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/network.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/network_types.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/pax.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/pax_getname.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/pm_getname.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/pm_ticket.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/pm_types.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/rc_data_structures.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/rc_getname.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/rc_types.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/reg.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/reg_main.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/repl_lists.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/repl_types.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/request_groups.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/res_getname.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/syscall_rsbac.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/syscalls.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/types.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/um.h
 INSTALL       rsbac/um_types.h

Building RSBAC Libraries...

Installing RSBAC libraries...
 INTO          /tmp/portage/sys-apps/rsbac-admin-1.3.7/image/ (/usr)
 DIR           /lib
 INSTALL       librsbac.la
libtool: install: warning: remember to run `libtool --finish /lib'
 LIBTOOL       librsbac.la

Building RSBAC tools...
 CC            src/acl_grant
 CC            src/acl_group
 CC            src/acl_mask
 CC            src/acl_rights
 CC            src/acl_rm_user
 CC            src/acl_tlist
 CC            src/attr_back_dev
 CC            src/attr_back_fd
 CC            src/attr_back_group
 CC            src/attr_back_net
 CC            src/attr_back_user
 CC            src/attr_get_fd
 CC            src/attr_get_file_dir
 CC            src/attr_get_group
 CC            src/attr_get_ipc
 CC            src/attr_get_net
 CC            src/attr_get_process
 CC            src/attr_get_up
 CC            src/attr_get_user
 CC            src/attr_rm_fd
 CC            src/attr_rm_file_dir
 CC            src/attr_rm_group
 CC            src/attr_rm_user
 CC            src/attr_set_fd
 CC            src/attr_set_file_dir
src/attr_set_file_dir.c: In function 'main':
src/attr_set_file_dir.c:428: error: 'CAP_FS_MASK' undeclared (first use 
in this function)
src/attr_set_file_dir.c:428: error: (Each undeclared identifier is 
reported only once
src/attr_set_file_dir.c:428: error: for each function it appears in.)
make[1]: *** [src/attr_set_file_dir] Error 1
make: *** [tools] Error 2
* ERROR: sys-apps/rsbac-admin-1.3.7 failed.
* Call stack:
*               ebuild.sh, line   49:  Called src_install
*             environment, line 2361:  Called die
* The specific snippet of code:
*       make PREFIX=/usr LIBDIR=/$(get_libdir) DESTDIR="${D}" 
${rsbacinstallargs} || die "cannot install (${rsbacinstallargs})";
*  The die message:
*   cannot install (headers-install libs-install tools-install 
pam-install nss-install)
* If you need support, post the topmost build error, and the call stack 
if relevant.
* A complete build log is located at 
* The ebuild environment file is located at 
* This ebuild used the following eclasses from overlays:

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