[rsbac] Package update problem

Gergely Lónyai alephlg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 13:26:15 CET 2008


This is a Gentoo emerge wrapper: ftp://www.rsbac.hu/rsbac/rsbac_emerge


From: Jens Kasten <jens at kasten-edv.de>
>Am Dienstag, den 04.11.2008, 10:21 +0100 schrieb Amon Ott:
>> On Tuesday 04 November 2008 09:40, Gergely Loónyai wrote:
>> > This way is too slow. I'm is 1 TB personal data and ~ 4 billon
>> > file. This backup is not end on 3 hour. Where is not include this
>> > very easy backup on emerge python script (or rpm code)?
>> >
>> > ebuild package install
>> > if [ -e /proc/rsbac-info/active ] ; then
>> > 	for I in $(equery f ${P}) ; do
>> > 		"get_rsbac_settings" from ${ROOT}/${I}
>> > 		"set_rsbac_setting" on ${D}/${I} || echo "RSBAC_WARNING: not set
>> > ${I} !!!" done
>> > fi
>> > ebuild qmerge
>> >
>> > ...and the rsbac's flags is inheritable
>> I have created a few scripts for our products, which backup per 
>> package - but this is for Debian based systems only.
>> Basically, it goes through all packages once, lists the contained 
>> files, makes a separate backup for them, and restores the package 
>> backup after each update.
>> Amon.
>i have in the moment also only for debian a backupscript.
>this is the nessesary preaparing
>and this is the script
>its an old script and only modified to work it will be replaced soon,
>because now i need it also for the gentoo.
>its read which packages would installed or upgraded and from the
>packetmanager ask it which files would be involved and only from this
>files and directories is create backup and restore it.
>after finish  under tmp_* are the info for review.
>it is in the moment tested without rc, mac and pm.
>when the aptuser call the script and done something the root password is
>requiered, otherwise the restarted service or filepermission would be
>set to the aptusers uid:gid. i have founded in the moment no other
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