[rsbac] user management and one time passwords

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Sun Aug 17 12:00:06 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 06 August 2008 10:48, bine wrote:
> i'm quite new to rsbac and wanted to play around with the user
> management. i can't find any options to set one time passwords for
> the users although i choosed it while configuring...does anybody
> here have experience with that?

One-time Passwords (OT PW) are not really documented yet. As I have 
mailed to Bine off-list, the rsbac_passwd command allows to add OT PW 
for users. 

Get the help screen:
rsbac_passwd -h

Add one for yourself, providing one existing password (OT or normal):
rsbac_passwd -o

Add one for another account (you need MODIFY_PERMISSION_DATA right to 
that user):
rsbac_passwd -n -o username

Remove all OT PW of yourself:
rsbac_passwd -O

Remove all OT PW of any user:
rsbac_passwd -O username

Count number of remaining Passwords:
rsbac_passwd -C username

You can pipe the passwords into the rsbac_passwd command from a script 
(newlines are important!):
echo "existingpass
newpass" | rsbac_passwd -o

Or for another user, if you have MODIFY_PERMISSION_DATA right:
echo "newpass
newpass" | rsbac_passwd -n -o username

Hope this helps,

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