[rsbac] RSBAC 1.4.0 pre 1 released

frealek frealek at myra.homelinux.net
Thu Nov 29 15:42:22 CET 2007


Are the "usual" tools those from coreutils ?
If it's the case, there is potentially a problem with the column syntax :
chown 0:1000 /etc/someapp.conf
can be interpreted (default) UID:GID or (RSBAC) SET:UID...

Or this special syntax is only compatible with RSBAC admin tools ?


kang wrote:
> The first preview release of RSBAC 1.4.0 has been released.
> It includes 1.3.6+  bugfixes of course, as well as the new Virtual
> User Management feature.
> This feature let you have many virtual user sets in your system.
> As an example, you can start your mail server in a different set, and
> the users you're getting mail to will not be any of the system users.
> Likewise, your jails can be started in a different set, so that the
> users in that jail will never be the same ones as the real system users.
> You can specify the user set with the usual tools by specifying the
> full user path, e.g.:
> 0:0 defines user id 0 (root) virtual set 0
> 1:400 defines user id 400 (security) virtual set 1
> The prepatched kernel and patches are available at:
> http://download.rsbac.org/pre/rsbac-1.4.0-pre1/
> Happy testing!

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