[rsbac] Linux public key authentication an PKI

Andrew Dobbie adobbie at ieee.org
Thu May 10 13:20:19 CEST 2007


I'm not sure but maybe Kerberos can do that? It certainly uses single
sign-on for multiple network services. Might be restricted to using
password as shared secret for authentication with the Key Distribution
Center. Once you authenticate though, password isn't used again until
your Ticket-Granting Ticket expires.

Anyone else have ideas?

Kerberos is Linux independent btw.

On Mon, 2007-07-05 at 15:18 +0600, sftf at yandex.ru wrote:
> Hi!
> Anybody now, is there project/drafts for Linux implementing
> centralized public key authentication for various services (not only SSH) and client software?
> Scenario:
> - admin create private/public keys (like for SSH), one per user and store them in LDAP
> - ALL(POP3,SMTP,FTP,WEB,SAMBA and so on) services authenticate users by public key,
>   not by the password
> - so client software (POP3,SMTP,FTP... clinets) use public key instead password
> Thanks!
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