[rsbac] UM can't set passwords - strange symptoms

Sven Seeland sven.seeland at gmx.de
Mon Jul 16 21:16:54 CEST 2007

Hi everybody,

I'm having some problems with the RSBAC usermanagement module. I've recently 
reinstalled my server and am now switching to the RSBAC UM system. However, I 
can't set any passwords and therefore I can't log in.

When issuing
	$ rsbac_usermod -p some_password secoff
I always get the following as a response:
	Unable to lock password into physical memory!

No errors in the logs though. /proc/rsbac/rmsg doesn't say anything, and I don't 
get any other log messages either.
Any ideas what might be causing this?

I'm using RSBAC 1.3.4(-r1) in a 2.6.21 Kernel (Gentoo RSBAC patchset out of 
Portage) glibc 2.5(-r4 out of portage as well). Apparently libnss_rsbac.la 
doesn't link correctly against librsbac.la - or so says revdep-rebuild. 
Recompiling rsbac-admin doesn't fix this.

Any ideas? Help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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