[rsbac] Unhandled error RSBAC_EEXPIRED

Orosz Tamás Tamas.Orosz at groupama.hu
Tue Jan 30 14:45:46 CET 2007

Dear List,

I tried use RSBAC UM, and I got the following error when trying change user id eg. with su (id change is successfull):

# su www-data
pam_rsbac.so: Unhandled error RSBAC_EEXPIRED, please contact system administrator!
su: Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info.

user information of www-data (maybe this account is not expired):

Uid: 33
Name: www-data
Fullname: www-data
Shell: /bin/sh
Homedir: /var/www
Group: 33
Lastchange: 19700101
Minchange: 0
Maxchange: 365
Warnchange: 10
Inactive: 3
Expire: 20241004
Account TTL: 0

I think this error prevent running crontabs an another user as root (non-root crontabs are not running since I use RSBAC UM).

Rsbac version: 1.2.8 with kernel

Thanks for help


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