[rsbac] auth set

Jens Kasten jens at kasten-edv.de
Sun Jan 21 21:33:45 CET 2007

hi liste,
i have the follow  logging
/* Sun Sep 17 06:05:12 2006 :<6>0202899220|rsbac_adf_request(): request 
CHANGE_DAC_FS_OWNER, pid 16017, ppid 1, 
prog_name master, prog_file /usr/lib/postfix/master,
 uid 0, remote ip, target_type PROCESS, 
 tid 16017, attr owner, value 103, result NOT_GRANTED (Softmode) by AUTH  */

but when i set like this,
auth_set_cap -f  PROCESS add /usr/lib/postfix/master 103
i get this,

the rsbac_menu dont log in the menu-log the action what i do with auth, for 
this i dont have a working example.
can someone explain me the auth_set_cap?


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