[rsbac] logging command arguments

kang kang at rsbac.org
Tue Jan 16 11:41:41 CET 2007

Hrvoje Marjanovic wrote:
> Hello,
> I am wondering if it is possible to log complete commands (together with 
> arguments) with RSBAC.
> When I log EXECUTE events on FILE target. I get the events logged, but 
> arguments are not logged, only command path, user, pid etc.
> Grsecurity has such a feature, but I don't think it is possible to patch 
> kernel with both grsecurity and rsbac.
> Hrvoje

It requires some hand patching but several people have successfully
patched kernels with both RSBAC and GrSecurity (1).
Note that a lot of functionality from GrSec's RBAC will overlap however.
Additionally, I am not aware of any of the patches being available online.


1) http://www.rsbac.org/pipermail/rsbac/2005-August/001615.html

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