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Andrea Pasquinucci liste at ucci.it
Thu Feb 1 16:28:20 CET 2007

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 03:38:50PM +0100, Markus Wernig wrote:
* Hello List
* - How do I start configuring rsbac? Is rsbac_menu the only entering 
* point? Are there no configuration files? Just what do you do after 
* rebooting into softmode?

either you use rsbac_menu or the rsbac commands directly, for examples 
of use of the rsbac commands directly see my humble scripts-*.rpm for 
fedora (fedora.rsbac.org); rsbac saves the configuration in its own 
files, actually in one hidden dir per partition;

* - What do the zillions of configuration options of rsbac_menu and 
* friends mean? Where are they documented? 

good question, I would like to know too; but each single rsbac program 
has a online help, sometimes very terse, but it helps

* The "help" function of rsbac_menu on my system does exactly the same 
* as the "cancel" function.

this is usually a problem with the version or setup of your dialog 

* - How is configuration stored if changed by the rsbac_* and attr_* 
* family of commands? How does it survive a reboot?

in the hidden dir per partition

* - How can I clone a hand-crafted configuration from one server to another?

you can use the backup_all script to save all configuration and then 
reload it elsewhere; if you instead use scripts like me, you can just 
run the scripts

* - Are there any practical examples around anywhere?

yes, what I have for fedora is in fedora.rsbac.org; have a look at 
adamantix and gentoo (from the rsbac links page), they have quite good 
tips from which I learned.


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