[rsbac] Searching for documentation

Markus Wernig listener at wernig.net
Thu Feb 1 15:38:50 CET 2007

Hello List

I'm considering switching from grsec to rsbac for some of my more 
important servers and have started a test setup based on Ubuntu 6.06 
LTS. Now I'm trying to configure RSBAC for system protection, service 
encapsulation and would like to assign file system and process 
manipulation restrictions to group roles and add users to those roles 
... but simply can't find a starting point. The handbook section at 
rsbac.org seems to more explain the underlying theoretical concepts than 
show how to implement them in a live system, and google searches so far 
didn't yield results fit for my humble understanding. I would be very 
grateful if somebody could point me to documentation covering the 
following questions:
- How do I start configuring rsbac? Is rsbac_menu the only entering 
point? Are there no configuration files? Just what do you do after 
rebooting into softmode?
- What do the zillions of configuration options of rsbac_menu and 
friends mean? Where are they documented? The "help" function of 
rsbac_menu on my system does exactly the same as the "cancel" function.
- How is configuration stored if changed by the rsbac_* and attr_* 
family of commands? How does it survive a reboot?
- How can I clone a hand-crafted configuration from one server to another?
- Are there any practical examples around anywhere?

Thanks for any pointers


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