[rsbac] howto jail

Jens Kasten jens at kasten-edv.de
Sat Dec 29 09:53:27 CET 2007

Hi liste,

i try to reuse the adamantix jail config from the adamantix.
here http://kasten-edv.de/download/rsbac i have the jail configs and under
bin/run-jail  a testscript wich read the config.
the config was usally used when the run-jail are added in the init.d-scripts.
usally the syntax for the config is like this:
; RSBAC JAIL definition for apache
; 20060502
; Tested by:
; Fuleki Miklos (RAk)
; Peter Busser (peter)
; Robert Penz (robert)
; The allow-dev-read JAIL flag is needed when courier is installed. It
; does an fsstat() to check how much disk-space is available.


and with the calling run-jail apache teste
the script deliver.

key: jail-flags  values: ['allow-dev-read', ' allow-dev-write', '
allow-external-ipc', ' allow-dev-read']
key: scd-read  values: ['sysctl']
key: max-caps  values: ['setgid', ' setuid', ' net-bind-service', ' kill']
key: scd-modify  values: ['rlimit']

so there i have the key and valus as an dictionary in python.

How can i now continue to use this for setup a jail?
it should not be difficult do get it in uppercase or something else.

viele grüsse

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