[rsbac] Reiser4 and Suspend 2 patches in RSBAC?

kang kang at insecure.ws
Fri Sep 29 13:22:05 CEST 2006

> Hello,

> I was wondering whether it would be possible to apply the Reiser4 patch 
>in RSBAC, and whether that would affect anything. I am new to RSBAC and 
> kernel-related stuff, prefer to stay in userland myself. The reason I'm 
> asking this question is that I want to use reiser4 at some point in the 
> future with lvm2 (it's very convenient) and was wondering whether I'd be 
> able to use the best of both, as it stands. I use Gentoo, and at some 
> point in time would love to have an ebuild that gets RSBAC out of SVN 
> and applies the patches automatically.

> Many thanks,
> Vladimir Lushnikov

Hi, Gentoo has a masked 2.6.99 ebuild which does exactly that, take the svn trunk for you. There is the associated admin tools .99 ebuild (you need matching versions)

Of course, there is no support for this, as for any svn ebuild, that's why it's masked. Note also that RSBAC can use suspend2. 
Never tried reiserfs4, it should work fine I guess beside secure delete.

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