[rsbac] RC SCD 13 not working?

Andrea Pasquinucci cesare at ucci.it
Thu Sep 28 09:09:17 CEST 2006

I just noticed that on all my installation of rsbac_1.2.8 RC SCD 13 
(firewall) does not work:

> rc_get_item -p ROLE 2 type_comp_scd 13
> rc_get_item list_scd_types | grep 13
13 firewall

but as root I can run iptables and change the firewall (and I checked 
that bash is running with role 2). With previous version of the kernel 
it was not possible.

I did not change the rsbac configuration, just upgraded the kernel.

Everything else _seems_ to be working, but I did not check every rule I 
have applied.


PS. Could it be something with the kernel configuration? I did not 
change that either, but...

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