[rsbac] RSBAC kernel hangs while booting

Tigran S. Avanesov tigran at univ.kiev.ua
Thu Mar 30 11:41:05 CEST 2006

> Does it boot with MAC disabled?
Module: MAC	on

> This means that the AUTH module is doing its job: It does not allow
> setuid (CHANGE_OWNER), if the program is not allowed to. I wonder why
> your RSBAC is already initialized when running busybox from initrd,
> though. It should not.

> Please try setting kernel parameter rsbac_delayed_root=3 or whatever
> is the major number of your root partition.
> Amon.

With rsbac_delayed_root=... it seems to boot ok (even if rsbac_delayed_root=0, 
and my root filesystem on (8,1) - /dev/sda1 ), BUT
error with busybox still remains!! 
I loaded linux with rsbac_delayed_root=...  successfully (excluding that 
Then I loaded linux w/o rsbac_delayed_root=... -ok (excl. error) 
then I (just for change smthing) logged in and run 
mv /bin/busybox /bin/busybox-1. And it's failed to boot - the same error 
[<23b9823.>]..... I think, that mv /bin/.. /bin/.... -were superflues... It 
can hang up w/o doing anything... just should reboot some times. 
then I tried to boot with rsbac_softmode (but w/o delayed_root=) and it also 
failed: the same error, but after [<2398743>] ... was:
Code 02 8b ..................... etc
<0> Kernel panic - not syncing: attetmpted to kill init
But with root_delay= boots ok,

So I don't understand why RSBAC controls initrd files (maybe It should add 
rsbac control information into initrd filesystem to allow busybox run w/o 
problems :) )
Also I don't understand why does it hang even with softmode!,
also why doesnot it hang with rsbac_delayed_root=ANYTHING, and why with 
rsbac_delayed_root=8 (major num for /dev/sda1 I boot from) does it activate 
before starting init.

And one more question, it there a way to avoid rsbac_delayed_root= (since it 
becames a little not flexible (if I want to create distro with rsbac kernel))

Thanks a lot for reply and in advance,

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