[rsbac] RSBAC kernel hangs while booting

Tigran S. Avanesov tigran at univ.kiev.ua
Tue Mar 28 18:41:35 CEST 2006


I have linux-2.6.14 kernel, 
and debian patch "buslogic-pci-id-table.patch" on it.
After patching with linux-2.6.14-rsbac- and compiling, linux very 
often fails to boot (hangs) with error like
[<c014cf49>] 	auto_read+0x59/0x60
.......			do_page_fault+....
.... 			rsbac_adf_request_mac+....

But sometimes it boots ok

while booting it prints a lot of errors like
  00000000193|rsbac_adf_request(): request CHANGE_OWNER, pid 1585, ppid 1, 
prog_name busybox, prog_file /bin/busybox, uid 0, target_type PROCESS, tid 
1585, attr owner, value 0, result NOT_GRANTED by AUTH

Some config parameters:

As far as I understand,  /bin/busybox - is from initrd (I renamed /bin/busybox 
from root filesystem, but errors were the same)
Settings in rsbac_menu I changed were only for /bin/login -AUTH May Setuid

Why does it hangs?

P.S. Sorry for previous uncomplete letter - I've sent it by accident

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