[rsbac] Debian Sarge packages available

Peter Busser peter at adamantix.org
Mon Jan 30 21:14:14 CET 2006


I have compiled a number of RSBAC and Adamantix packages for Debian
Sarge. This allows Debian Sarge users to benefit from some of the Adamantix
features. Among the packages are (of course) rsbac-admin, but also
Adamantix specific RSBAC support packages, like:

 * Chicken Scheme bindings for RSBAC, which make programming RSBAC
   utilities really simple.
 * RSBAC JAIL support utilities: run-jail and jail-wrapper, written in
   Chicken Scheme.
 * The original PaXtest (some distributions ship crippled versions)
 * Chicken Scheme v2.2.2 (on the web site it is advertised as v2.216).
 * Lots and lots of Chicken Scheme libraries.
 * The Adamantix 2.4.32 kernel source package, which contains PaX, RSBAC
   1.2.5, ebtables, layer-7 support, transparent proxying support,
   Adamantix specific RSBAC proc patches, OpenS/WAN IP-SEC, MPPE, etc., etc.
 * SILC Client (SILC = Secure Internet Live Chat, a secure IRC protocol)
 * Etc.

More packages to follow.

Information on how to get these packages can be found at:

The only architecture supported at the moment is i386. However, feel
free to donate hardware for support of other architectures. :-)

Suggestions and comments are of course welcome.


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