[rsbac] 1.2.6pre2 is out for testing

kang kang at rsbac.org
Wed Jan 11 18:34:44 CET 2006

RSBAC 1.2.6pre2 is out for kernels 2.4.32 and 2.6.15

Download patches, utilities or prepatched kernels from:


Or you favorite mirror:


This release is compatible with 1.2.5[.1] and 1.2.6pre1, so no changes
are required !

Changes for rsbac-admin since 1.2.5 are:

	- Removed stray reg_syscall binary, fixed pam to install as 755.
	- Upgraded, cleaned, fixed debian packaging to be up to debian's
	- Fix install-strip targets to support new separate DESTDIR correctly.
	Added information about the DESTDIR and PREFIX at install target.

Changes for the linux kernel since 1.2.5 are:

	- DAZ Renaming of files from non-scanned to scanned directory
	  now works correctly (does not cache results from non scanned
	  as CLEAN - and/but keep INFECTED status if set when moving file
	  from scanned to non-scanned)
	- DAZ unscanned files decision is now DO_NOT_CARE instead of
	- Full pathes returned by RSBAC do not display double
	  (or more) / with double (or more) mounts anymore.
	  ex: /home//bob => /home/bob
	  This allows DAZ path based scanning to function normally.
	- Software Suspend support (v1, uncomment in code for v2)
	- Fix setting of RC IPC type with def_ipc_create_type.
	- Added ptrace hook for m32r architecture.

Happy testing !


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