[rsbac] boot-problem: repeated mount 1 of device 00:00

Jochem Ippers jochem_ippers at web.de
Tue Jan 10 20:03:42 CET 2006

I've just installed Debian 3.1, compiled and installed the 'official 
classic Kernel linux-' and the admin-package 
(everything worked fine). But whin I  boot (in soft mode) the machine 
hangs with the repeated rsbac message:

rsbac_mount_*: repeated mount 1 of device 00:00

I'm using a ramdisk/initrd. Maybe that's the problem? - there was 
already a patch for a ramdisk problem, rsbac version 1.2.1. Isn't it 
included in the rsbac- sources?
Would be nice, if someone could help me with this.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards
Jochem Ippers

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