[rsbac] secoff has insufficient rights to change RC rules

Colin Pitrat colin.pitrat at bull.net
Tue Dec 12 10:40:17 CET 2006

I have a server running RSBAC. I managed to configure it in softmode, 
and it seemed to run perfectly, so I booted it with RSBAC enabled. Now I 
have one problem, that I would like to solve with this :

rc_set_item -a ROLE 0 type_comp_fd 4 GET_STATUS_DATA 1

but when I use this command with secoff user, I get this answer in logs:

rsbac_rc_sys_set_item(): changing type_comp_fd of role 0 denied for pid 
2114, user 400 - insufficent rights!

Is there something special to do to allow secoff to change rules ? Is it 
better if rules can't be changed but in softmode ?

Colin Pitrat (Bull Services Telco)
Bull,  Architect of an Open World (TM)
Tél : +33 (0)  1 30 80 72 93
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