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gabor.horvath at konicaminolta.hu gabor.horvath at konicaminolta.hu
Fri Apr 7 10:21:26 CEST 2006

OK, and what about getty (mgetty)? Isn't it dangerous having the terminals 
run by Boot Role? Though I know if so logs in than s/he switches to 
security officer role.

Thank you.

Gábor Horváth
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2006.04.07 10:17
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On Freitag 07 April 2006 10:09, gabor.horvath at konicaminolta.hu wrote:
> Thank you, that's very good. Though I thought forcing a role to e.g. 
> is inefficient 'cause only binaries can change their role not 
scripts. Or 
> did I miss something?

rcS is started with exec, so the force role works fine. And all 
daemons get started by this script or by rc, so they get the role, 

Some distros source init scripts, so the force role does not work for 
them. I changed them to real exec here. A bit slower, but more 

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