[rsbac] fedora rpms

Andrea Pasquinucci andrea at rsbac.org
Tue Nov 22 13:15:38 CET 2005

Hi all!

a couple of months late, I am uploading the FedoraCore-4 kernel 
server rpms to 



[the addresses are new, as my email, thanks to the new rsbac web/email 

New packages will follows in the next days. For Fedora 4 kernels are up 
to kernel-, they seem reasonably 
stable (even if on some HW there are issues with IRQ/ACPI et al, which 
have nothing to do with RSBAC but are problems of new kernel features).


PS. As for http://bugtracker.rsbac.org/view.php?id=63, there is a 
configuration problem on the web server of http://fedora.rsbac.org/ so 
that at the moment you do not see the README files accessing by web; ftp 
access is ok.

Andrea Pasquinucci      andrea at rsbac.org       http:/www.rsbac.org/
My public PGP key is at http://www.ucci.it/andrea_rsbac_key.asc
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