[rsbac] upgrade to 1.2.5

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Fri Nov 18 10:52:42 CET 2005

On Freitag 18 November 2005 10:28, Andrea Pasquinucci wrote:
> Notice that udev runs with 'rc_role 0=General_User' and I guess that 
> is due to the complicate procedure with which it is started from 
> /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit => /sbin/start_udev => /sbin/udevstart => ... 
> makes it lose the System_Boot role. [On top /bin/udev does not 
> it is /sbin/udev ??]

It might be started before RSBAC inits, so it does not get a role 
assigned and thus keeps the default value 0.

> Anyway, for both udev and dmidecode it _seems_ that the error does 
> prevent them to work normally so I was thinking _not_ to allow these 
> GET_STATUS_DATA. Do you think that it is better that instead I allow 
> them?  Thanks

Yes, you can ignore these messages.

> PS. in the normal error message, could you add also the 'rc_role' ? 
> is the only info missing.

The normal logging happens in the central dispatcher, which has no 
idea of what an "rc_role" is. Adding it there would break the modular 
design, although it would be possible to do.

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