[rsbac] Strange random errors

Rafal Bisingier ravbc at man.poznan.pl
Wed Jun 29 12:22:03 CEST 2005

On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 11:39:20AM +0200, murf wrote:
> Hello,
> > I've just installed freshly compiled kernel (with your pax_process_flags
> > patch), and this error is still there, but more important "Memory fault"
> > and "Segmentation fault" random errors are also appearing, breaking
> > almost any bigger job (like compilation) :-( 
> Which programs generate described segfaults?

I don't know exactly which programs segfaults, because it is not 100%
repeatable and it happens usualy in some scripts. It happens almost
every time on compilation, but don't know if it is cc or ld or anything
else that breaks down. Some of the RSBAC admin tools also breaks
One program which Amon found to break everytime is id -G user_name (eg.
'id -G root' also when run by root, but _not_ 'id -G' without the

> What distribution and which version of glibc are you using?

Distribution is PLD (at least the core is from PLD).
glibc is 2.3.5-2 from PLD Ac. gcc and libs are also from PLD.

> Did you try the same with pax disabled?

Yes, but with that kernel system haven't get up fully functional. I've
written about it in this part of my last message which you've cut out on
responding ;-)

Rafal Bisingier
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