[rsbac] UML and RSBAC - more details

mac.mancini@inwind.it mac.mancini at inwind.it
Mon Jun 20 17:21:38 CEST 2005

I'm still struggling
with my
RSBAC-hardened UML.
I compiled an UML
using kernel 2.4.30
patched with RSBAC
1.2.4 bugfix 1-4 and
uml-patch 2.4.27.
When I launch it, it
hangs just after the
"Welcome to RedHat
Linux" message.

I'm attaching a file
containing the
kernel config I'm
using and the output
I get from the UML.
uml_output_tty shows
the uml
shows all the kernel

This second file
shows two error
messages from rsbac.
There is a bunch of
these lines:

rsbaclogd(): sending
to remote socket
failed with error

This is just because
there isn't a host
with ip
on my network, it
shouldn't be a big

The second error
message I see is:

rsbac_get_attr() for
internal returned

I don't know what
does that mean.

The UML hangs at the
line "sleep 1" of
rc.sysinit . At that
point the CPU usage
of my host goes up
to 100% and the UML
doesn't do anything
else. I tried using
gdb to see where the
UML got stuck but
without success.
This is what I got:
(gdb) attach 8293
0x420b4769 in ?? ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x420b4769 in ??
#1  0x08049e51 in ??
#2  0x0804a3ce in ??
#3  0x42017499 in ??

Not much useful...

Can anybody *please*
give any suggestions
on what to do? If
you need more
informations to
understand what's
happening just let
me know!

Thank you in
Marcello Mancini

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