[rsbac] Random "file not found" errors

Oliver Breuer oliverbreuer at web.de
Fri Jun 10 11:06:26 CEST 2005

RSBAC Discussion and Announcements <rsbac at rsbac.org> schrieb am 10.06.05 10:50:04:

On Freitag 03 Juni 2005 14:40, Oliver Breuer wrote:
>> here the problem occurs quite often. It occurs not only with 
>> virtual-fs. I even cannot compile a kernel because it stops compiling 
>> already after a short time complaining about some random file not 
>> found. When running under a non rsbac-kernel, the same compilation 
>> completes without errors.
>This is symlinks only, or files, too?

I started a kernel compile several times. It was always related to symlinks. Yet there is one error, where I don't know, if it is related to a symlink. I wrote a script to set up some rsbac-setting. When the script is started, sometimes it stops with an error like "rc_set_item: no such file or directory". rc_set_item is not a symlink. I will try to check today, if this error persists, if symlink redirection is switched off.

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