[rsbac] net_temp

igraltist Kolpok at gmx.net
Wed Jun 8 19:02:17 CEST 2005

hallo liste
i have the follow problem.
i use the kernel 2.6.10 with the rsbac_admin_tool v1.2.3.
i do setup some nettemplate under the softmode then when i reboot in a
kernel with secmode then there is the nettemplate  are not visible.
in the rsbac_log i get this.
 request: READ ,pid xxx ,ppid xxx ,prog_name net_temp ,uid 400 , 
target_type NETTEMP , tid 0 attr none ,value 0 , result NOT GRANTED 
by RC.
i do now not to know how i can solve this.

then i have a second point this is not so important.
when i us the nvidia driver for the grafikcard then i can not use the glx
module because the x-server stop than. without the glx-module i can use it.


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