[rsbac] Dazuko installation

kang kang at insecure.ws
Sat Jul 16 21:39:49 CEST 2005

Hi list,

Anyone ever used the daz module ?
It works perfectly on the livecd but I am not able to make it working. 
There is zero documentation so here's what I've done myself:

- Enabled onaccess scanning in clamav.conf
- created /dev/dazuko device (that works with udev too I guess ? I did 
it static to be sure)
- made sure daz module was on in /proc/rsbac-info/active
- set /usr/bin/clamd as scanner
- started clamd => got error in log: cannot connect to dazuko (and 
indeed access to virii files are allowed)
- got not denies in rsbac log (starting clamd in softmode gives the same 
cannot connect error)


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