[rsbac] error message after enabling RC

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Mon Jan 31 10:45:09 CET 2005

On Montag 31 Januar 2005 00:18, jrgl at ms32.url.com.tw wrote:
>  I downloaded the pre-patch kernel, 
linux-2.6.7-rsbac-v1.2.3-bf3.tar.bz2, and 
> did the whole patches listed in the website. But when I enabled RC, 
I always 
> saw a lot of error messages as follows. The attachment is my kernel 
> Any idea?
> sys_setresuid(): rsbac_adf_set_attr() returned 
> error<4>rsbac_adf_set_attr_rc(): rsbac_rc_get_item() for 
> def_process_create_type returned error!
> rsbac_adf_set_attr(): request CHANGE_OWNER, pid 9899, target_type 
> 9899, new_target_type NONE, new_tid NONE, attr owner, value 0, error 
> sys_setresuid(): rsbac_adf_set_attr() returned 
> request SWITCH_MODULE, pid 20701,ppid 20684, prog_name 
switch_module, uid 
> 400, target_type NONE, tid NONE, attr switch_target, value 7, 
> resultNOT_GRANTED (Softmode) by RC(Softmode)

I have seen this error before, but a long time ago. Did you have a 
previous RSBAC version installed?

AFAIR, all you have to do is change the def_process_create_type of 
your roles from inherit_parent to inherit_process (or was it the 
other way round?).

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