[rsbac] New Live CD and Live USB stick

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Mon Feb 28 09:19:44 CET 2005


There is a new RSBAC Live CD at http://livecd.rsbac.org as well as an 
install package for Live USB sticks. Both systems can run from Medium 
(needs at least 40 MB of RAM) or completely from memory (needs at 
least 128 MB).

The system contains a Debian 3.0 Woody with kernel 2.4.29 and RSBAC 
v1.2.4 with bugfixes 1-2. It is based on Timo's Rescue CD 0.9.8. I 
would have liked to update to Timo's rescue CD 0.9.12r2 with Debian 
Sarge, but this would have about doubled the size...

During boot, some basic RSBAC configuration will be done. After that, 
the softmode will be switched off. Please read the RSBAC 
documentation for more information about RSBAC administration.

The predefined RSBAC administration user is called secoff, both root 
and secoff have no password (just press return).

This Live system uses the new RSBAC User Management. It runs with the 
Clamav daemon as on-access scanner, try the Eicar test file 
at /root/eicar.com. PaX is enabled and controlled with RSBAC, try 
running ./paxtest in /root/paxtest-0.9.6/. Most daemons live in a 

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