[rsbac] my 2.4.32pre2 +rsbac oops

Bencsath Boldizsar boldi at dc.hu
Mon Aug 29 17:02:35 CEST 2005

> > Why do You think that rsbac and grsec cannot be used paralelly? E.g. I can
> > make use of the chroot extensions, proc file system protection, ip
> > randomization of grsec and the role based model of rsbac.
> >
> You wrote you are using RBAC of GRSEC.

Please, stay at least 1 second reading my email. I wrote clearly, that
"role based model of rsbac".

> I would be suprised if it has. You know, RSBAC has
> its own strong RC security model, so what are you using from
> RSBAC if you are using RBAC from GRSEC?

See above.

> Random IP id or source ports sounds good in some cases,
> but afaik its in 2.6 already, so probably you are talking
> about 2.4 branch.

I clearly stated that my problem is related to 2.4.32Pre2. I don't think
it's too mistificated to guess, yes, it is a 2.4 branch kernel.

> BTW. There is somewhere separate
> patch for 2.4, if its the only thing that you are missing.

Very good. You advice to patch every single feature of grsecurity into a
rsbac prepatched kernel from a stand-alone patch instead of patching with
grsecurity, without any more reason that both patch have similar

> You can enable /proc restriction in RSBAC too.
> Process can access other processes proc data
> only if it has GET_STATUS_DATA right to destination
> process type. What other restriction did you mean?
> You can use JAIL module in RSBAC instead of chroot
> and its extension from GRSEC.

Yes sure, You can do that too, I'm not trying to make an argument on this
topic, RSBAC has lots of feautres, GRSEC has also lots of features and I'm
sure that RSBAC simple cannot cover all the feature of grsecurity.
Throwing out grsecurity because of the fear of patching a kernel with both
is somewhat conservative...

> Still didn't get the point of using it together.

There is no point NOT doing that.

> If you are just playing with kernel patches with many rejects,
> I have nothing againt it ;).

To clarify it again, patching with both patch-sets works. I have problems
only with 2.4.32pre2 patch, grsecurity and rsbac.

Of course, as this combination is VERY experimental, the reason of oops
can be a version related problem between rsbac and the kernel, a bug in
rsbac, or of course the reason can also be the bad resolution of the
multiple patches.

I think the problem is more rsbac related than grsec or anything,
therefore the goal of this report is NOT only to solve MY issue, rather
than to identify a potential problem with 2.4.32 (final, if it comes out)
and rsbac 1.2.4 + bugfixes.

On the other hand using 2.6 branch is not so simple. I don't know the
current status of rsbac, but lately I found some instabilities. Except
from that openswan with 2.6 had also several problems. Some addition to
that is the migration from rsbac 1.2.3->1.2.4 which also rose errors
sometimes. If I'll have more time, I'll test it again as new developer
release openswan is available etc., but it is not just so simple to decide
to use the 2.6 branch.

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