[rsbac] my 2.4.32pre2 +rsbac oops

Bencsath Boldizsar boldi at datacontact.hu
Mon Aug 29 00:52:53 CEST 2005

 Murf wrote:
> I dont fully understand what are you doing.
> There is no point to try to make together rsbac and grsec.
> Try to understand that both are different projects.

Why do You think that rsbac and grsec cannot be used paralelly? E.g. I can
make use of the chroot extensions, proc file system protection, ip
randomization of grsec and the role based model of rsbac.

You can check my older multi-patched kernels at

I still do not know the origin of my actual problem with lstat64, but also
rsbac_get_parent caused oops sometimes. Of course, the reason can be that
I actually patched a 2.4.32 pre2 against rsbac. Anyhow, If we'll see if
any problem remains when 2.4.32 comes out.

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