[rsbac] RSBAC+GRSecurity

Rumen Yotov rumen_yotov at dir.bg
Sun Aug 7 20:23:10 CEST 2005

Павел Петлинский wrote:

>I understand you.
>But i think it's bad to apply patch on alredy patched code, because we dont know, how they would be merged.
>And so i ask to explane me - what diff file include MAC and other modules, i want just delete them from GRSec patch, and apply it.
Think that only code authors can help you, as it's rather specific code
which patches multiple/different branches of kernel code, maybe even two
consequitive patches over a single file. Just guessing here. Even saw
that a new version of grsec2 (not a bugfix in grsec) only goes out after
a new PaX patch, which is logical in IMO.
If you have a separate PaX patch eventually it could be done. There is
one but i don't know if it's the latest one.
HTH. Rumen
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