[rsbac] "Function not implemented" in RSBAC-hardened UML

Marcello Mancini mac.mancini at inwind.it
Sat Aug 6 13:01:13 CEST 2005

on Friday 05 August 2005 19:28, Chirag Pandya wrote:
> > anything I always get the message:
> > error: Function not implemented
> Could you try setting
> in the kernel.

Thank you for your reply Chirag.
I tried enabling that option in my UML kernel config, but it didn't 
solve the problem:

[rsbac at webserver rsbac]$ gunzip -c /proc/config.gz | grep \
[rsbac at webserver rsbac]$ attr_set_fd AUTH FILE auth_may_setuid \
 1 /bin/login
/bin/login: error: Function not implemented
[rsbac at webserver rsbac]$ switch_adf_log RECEIVE NETOBJ 2
Error: Function not implemented

Thank you anyway...
Marcello Mancini

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