[rsbac] "Function not implemented" in RSBAC-hardened UML

Marcello Mancini mac.mancini at inwind.it
Fri Aug 5 19:13:23 CEST 2005

I'm still here trying to install a RSBAC-hardened UML.

I managed to compile an UML, made it boot correctly, and installed the 
rsbac-admin utilities on its filesystem. The thing seems to be working 
but when I login as the security officer and try to do anything I 
always get the message:
error: Function not implemented

For example I tried these two commands:
attr_set_fd AUTH FILE auth_may_setuid 1 /bin/login
switch_adf_log RECEIVE NETOBJ 2

I'm attaching a tar archive with a few files:
- kernel-config is my uml kernel config;
- patch-diff shows a small modification I had to do to the file 
arch/um/kernel/sys_call_table.c to make the kernel compile correctly;
- uml_output shows the output from the uml at boot-time. There are a lot 
of stupid errors but they are not from the rsbac system.

Other infos: I'm using linux kernel patched with RSBAC 1.2.4, 
I applied bugfixes from 1 to 4 and installed rsbac-admin-1.2.4. I'm 
using a freshly installed RedHat 9 filesystem I made using UML_Builder 
1.50. I updated the modutils to make them compatible with kernel 2.6.

I hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance.
Marcello Mancini

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