[rsbac] gtkila: Log Analyzer for RSBAC, 1st pre-version

Michal Purzynski albeiro at polsl.gliwice.pl
Mon Apr 4 21:27:28 CEST 2005

On 1 kwi, 2005, at 12:51, Jonas Weismueller wrote:
> Questionnaire
> ------------------------
> Any installation problems?
althought i managed to compile it sucessfully it does not work for me. 
ILA starts (i cannot see a logo, thought) but many messages about 
missing signal handlers are floating throught screen. in result none of 
gui features are working (such as opening file or even closing 
not at all, except missing content in INSTALATION / README / TODO files.

> Suggestions to improve the installation?
non trivial requirements should be mentioned in README or INSTALATION 
files, such as libglade with headers, prefered version.

> Do you think it is important to have these kind of settings?
yes it is - such a tool should be flexible

> LOGGING -  Open File:
> Do you think this feature is usefull in daily administration work
> unsing RSBAC?

yes, both with phisically accesible systems as well as on customer side.
> What features are missing?
> LOGGING - Real Time:
> What dou you think about the Real Time Logging facility and the option
> to show the File/ Dir settings of a certain program?
i think that both features are needed and they can easily use exisiting 
rsbac support for this kind of viewing (auditor role with some 

> What else could be usefull regarding the Real Time logging facility?
> ---------
> Any other suggestions?
plenty, after i manage to run it
> Agreement:
> -------------------
> Do you agree, that your comments will be published as a part of a
> documentation (Answer: yes or no)

> Publish your name/email address? (Answer: name only, email only, both,
> nothing)
Both of them may be published. As usual - (inteligent) spam protection 
please before putting online

Michal Purzynski
albeiro at rsbac.org

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