[rsbac] gtkila: Log Analyzer for RSBAC, 1st pre-version

Jonas Weismueller rsbac at weismueller.org
Fri Apr 1 12:51:06 CEST 2005

I have developed the gtkila (GPL) log analyzer for RSBAC as a project
part of my study. It is written in C and gtk+ (plus interfaces are
generated by Glade/libglade).
It has been my first project bigger than, reading two numbers of
stdin, add them and print them on stdout  ;) 
Personallay, I have learned a lot and preogress will be going on.

You can download gtkila from the SVN repository:

To start gtkila you must pass the glade xml file as an argument (as
long as I know how to code the path of the glade xml file dynamically
in my code):
[jonas at TuxM gtkila]$ /usr/local/gtkila src/ila.glade

For any urgent assistance you are welcome to ask in the IRC channel #rsbac on Freenode.
My nick name is MrRagga and others are always willing to help as well.

Furthermore I would like to get some feedback from you to include in
my documentation (GFDL).

- Open a RSBAC log file for analysis
- Watch a log file in real time (default /var/log/syslog), you can
change this part in the settings, wherever you defined RSBAC to log
- right-click context menu for a real time log table to display the
File/ Dir settings of a file/dir
- Search and sort function for a log table

Not working at the moment is:
- the regular expression search and of course some more or less bugs
- Open a logging File crashes with too huge files (fix is in progress)
- Show File/ Dir settings works for FD objects only

Any installation problems?

Suggestions to improve the installation?

Do you think it is important to have these kind of settings?

Which settings are missing?

LOGGING -  Open File:
Do you think this feature is usefull in daily administration work
unsing RSBAC?

What features are missing?

LOGGING - Real Time:
What dou you think about the Real Time Logging facility and the option
to show the File/ Dir settings of a certain program?

What else could be usefull regarding the Real Time logging facility?

Any other suggestions?

Do you agree, that your comments will be published as a part of a
documentation (Answer: yes or no)

Publish your name/email address? (Answer: name only, email only, both,

It would be great to have some feedback before sunday night.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Jonas
rsbac at weismueller.org
ila at weismueller.org

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