[rsbac] FF: Some questions

Nico Manicone nico.manicone at gmx.de
Sun Sep 12 00:38:07 CEST 2004


i am playing with RSBAC on Adamantix 1.04 and have some questions 
regarding file flags:

1. i have played with the fileflags and i was a little bit amazed about 
the results i found:

read_only	read, delete, execute possible		
excute_only	only execute allowed
search_only	read, delete, execute possible
write_only	only write allowed

Is this the normal behavior?

2. I have troubles understanding the usage of "search_only" and 
"no_mount". The meaning is obvious, but in which scenarios should they 
be used?

3. Up to now i have used "rsbac_menu" to manipulate file flags. Is there 
a command line tool to change many files flags at once?

Thanks for answers,

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