[rsbac] 7th of february : Adamantix Workshop in internetworkplace Ascii in Amsterdam

Peter Busser peter at devbox.adamantix.org
Wed Jan 28 11:14:24 CET 2004

from : http://www.scii.nl/events/workshops/adamantix

Adamantix Workshop

7 february Adamantix workshop by main Adamantix developer Peter Busser

Adamantix is a security-enhanced debian-based linux-distribution

Adamantix aims to be a highly secure but usable Linux distribution. This
means that not only will it provide a high level of security, it will
also be (relatively) easy to install and use.

The first step towards this goal will be to integrate existing security
solutions in Adamantix. The second step will be to improve this system.
And the third step will be to develop innovative new solutions.
Currently the project is working on the first step.

location : ascii - http://scii.nl
date : feb. 7
start : 19:30h
end : 22:00h
entrance : free
language : English

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